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Fall 2016

J Stassel

“Teach Us To PRAY.”
- Luke 11:1

Dear friends of Mountain View,

As the leaves begin to turn color, I am reminded that the extra busy summer is over and another new year is just around the corner. This year’s theme verse, “Teach us to Pray” has challenged me more than I could have imagined. Throughout the summer, I would see the banner hanging on the fence. It reminded me numerous times each day to pray; pray for campers, staff, God’s direction, protection, wisdom, salvation, spiritual growth and even to give thanks for the many blessings He provided each and every day.

I am thankful for the fruit that has been seen in the lives of so many who made an effort to be at one or more camp sessions this year. Without campers, there is no reason to hold camp sessions. Without staff, we could not host campers. God graciously provided both. Now, we continue to pray for the seed sown and the watering done in the lives of many, that it all will bring about spiritual growth which will last eternally.

Since the beginning of September, we have switched gears from hosting 10 continuous weeks of summer camps to serving 6 weekend groups and pushing hard on new construction. Each weekend group requires preparing the facility and providing food service. New construction requires extra coordination of time, finances and volunteers. You may remember that four old cabins had been demolished last fall to make room for 2 new duplex cabins. During the busy summer programs, it is difficult to do anything more than keep up with food service, programing, maintenance, activities, etc. which consume all the full time staff’s energy and attention. Now, we are finding the fall days to be just as busy coordinating camps and rentals, work teams, material vendors, fall maintenance items, and preparing for next year’s camp programs.

As we continue to serve the Lord in this ministry, we ask you to keep to praying with us as we desire to meet the many needs of our ever changing world. God is still in control. He is working. He is reaching many. The harvest is great; the time short until His return. Knowing that prayer is our life line to the throne of grace where we find help in time of need, we pray and press on in service for Him. Lord – Teach Us To Pray!

Jonathan Stassel

Camp Administrator

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