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Thoughts From The Administrator's Desk

Fall 2017

J Stassel

Dear friends of Mountain View,

Every day there is something to do at camp. Some days are busy with campers, staff and programs. Other days are filled with maintenance and construction. Though the face of daily ministry may change, the focus of reaching and discipling individuals does not.

Over the years, there has been a very large financial investment in camp in order to provide well maintained facilities. As we continue to review each ministry opportunity and consider new ones, facility modifications and new construction play an important role in future plans.

Did you know that camp is utilized 10 to 12 weeks each summer and 75% of weekends the balance of the year; and much of that is with rental groups? What this means is that camp staff are busy cleaning, planning, and maintaining the facilities all year long with very little down time. Your help in serving in these areas is always appreciated. Whether it is volunteering in food service, cleaning, construction or maintenance, there is always something to be done.

Right now, we are very busy working on construction of the two new duplex cabins, building a large retaining wall around the back of the dorm for water management, upgrading playground facilities, and maintaining a number of other areas. During the off camp season, life rarely runs at a slower pace than the summer programs; it's just different.

With all the active projects going at camp, there is a greater need for additional funding right now. Duplex 2 is 90% complete with a financial need of $6,000 to reach completion. Duplex 3 is 45% complete with a financial need of $65,000 to reach completion. The retaining wall behind the Hardwood Lodge (Dorm) will cost $6000. Additional maintenance on the Hardwood lodge and other projects will be scheduled as time and funds are available.

Why expend all this time, money and energy on a facility? It is all about reaching the lost at any cost. As camp approaches its 50th year of existence and ministry, we are thankful to report that countless lives have been touched this year and in the past. Numerous individuals have asked Jesus to be their Savior. Many individuals have been helped in their walk with the Lord. Some individuals have even been led to serve the Lord throughout North America and overseas. How many lives have been touched because of this active ministry, only Heaven knows. It will be revealed one day when the Lord returns. Until then, those of us involved in the daily activities of camp, the Board of Trustees, and the many volunteers who serve alongside of us desire to remain focused to press on to the final goal of faithful ministry.

Please continue to pray for this ministry often. Should the Lord direct you to financially support this growing work or volunteer in service, please let us know. God continues to do great things at and through this ministry. Thank you for your partnership.

Jonathan Stassel

Camp Administrator

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