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Thoughts From The Administrator's Desk

Spring 2017

J Stassel

“A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”
- Proverbs 16:8

Dear friends of Mountain View,

All too often I find myself checking my calendar to see what event, meeting or task is scheduled next and if there is a deadline for it to be completed. At times, I find myself running from project to project, meeting to meeting, or task to task, making me feel like life is a constant rat race. I can feel overwhelmed when looking at all that could and should be done, realizing that there seems to be more to do than time allows.

Recently, I saw a teacher share a life lesson with a class of students. He took a one quart jar and placed it on his desk. He filled the jar with golf balls and asked the class if the jar was full. Their reply was yes. He then added a cup of dime-sized stones to the jar and asked the class if the jar was full. They replied, “Yes.” He then added a cup of sand and asked the group if the jar was full. They replied, “Yes.” He then added a cup of coffee to the jar and asked the class if the jar was full. The class smiled and replied, “Yes.” He proceeded to tell the class that the golf balls were the most important things in life like family, friends, God and relationships. The stones represented work and other necessary things we do in everyday living. The sand represented other things that fill up the day like eating and sleeping. One of the students asked what the coffee represented. The teacher paused and then said, “The coffee reminds me that there should always be time for your spouse, family, friends and those who need a few minutes of time to pause, communicate, and simply smell the coffee.”

This year’s camp theme is “TRUE NORTH - What’s your direction?” Without direction in our lives, we could be caught up in a rat race of doing, doing, doing, and miss out on the important things of the Christian life. I am thankful that I enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He allows me to plan my ways, but He remains in control of my steps.

As I walk with Him and talk with Him, He gives direction and helps me to go the right way. He not only leads me, but He also leads this ministry. I am thankful for His faithful guidance. I confess that I do not always know the best path to plan out, but I have learned that He will guide all my steps if I seek Him first.

Jonathan Stassel

Camp Administrator

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